Tricia Keating

Chief Financial Officer
Tricia Keating, Oggi Professional Services
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In Tricia's role as the CFO, it would be easy to stay wrapped up in the numbers – especially during budgeting – but she uses her strength as a financial professional to understand the goals of each department. She naturally sees patterns and connections in numbers and utilizes her analytical nature to peel back the layers of a strategy. This rare combination helps determine the value of the financial risk involved and allows her to work with the Oggi department heads to determine the best path to achieve their goals.

"Tricia is always willing to take on any task that is thrown at her, complete it successfully and quickly becomes the subject matter expert. She is also an incredible manager who truly cares about her employees." - Kim S.

When she's not balancing the budget, Tricia is busy balancing her life as a wife and mother and keeps her head on straight by attending weekly yoga or cardio classes - that is - when she can fit it in. 

Fun Facts

Essential Oil Enthusiast​
Tricia is a modern Mom bringing total mind/body wellness into her home via the ancient tradition of essential oils.

Pinterest Junkie
1.2K pins and counting. Tricia has an arsenal of recipes, design ideas, beauty tips and kids crafts at her fingertips.

Favorite Saying
Slow down and be grateful.