Sean Keating

Founder & CEO
Sean Keating, Oggi Professional Services
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In 2009, Sean was a fast-rising sales leader in a $5 billion international recruiting and staffing firm. As he gained experience and insight, he envisioned starting his own staffing business with a clear focus on building long-lasting relationships. He imagined a firm that was all about the people, with staffers who functioned as partners and career counselors, guiding professionals and partnering with clients.

In February of 2010, he opened the doors to Oggi Professional Services with the motto "Today...It's All About People." Being all about people isn’t just a great way of doing business; for Sean, it’s a way of life. His passion for reaching out and making a difference for clients, candidates and the community has inspired and motivated everybody at Oggi. He created a firm with people who have passion in all they do, where integrity is a priority, and getting results is the reality.

"Sean is without a doubt the best recruiter of talent that I have worked with. He takes the time to know and understand the client's needs so that he can provide top value and minimize distractions - a true business partner." - Paul J.

Sean spends a lot of time in the office, but when he's not a busy exec, he's a busy dad of three. He drives the kids to skating, hockey and baseball events, and takes in high school football and hockey games. From time to time, he even gets on the ice himself and takes a shot at “old man hockey”.

Press & Awards 
2016 Minneapolis/St. Paul Business Journal 40 Under 40 honoree 

2013, 2014, 2015, 2016 & 2017 Minneapolis/St. Paul Business Journal Top Executive Search Firm

2016 & 2017 Minneapolis/St. Paul Business Journal Best Places to Work

Table of Experts: Workforce, Panelist

Fun Facts

Italian NFL Coach
While living in Italy in 2004, Sean coached in the Italian NFL for the Reggio Emilia Hogs.

Sleepless in Minneapolis
When the Minneapolis/St. Paul Business Journal asked Sean to describe his 30s in one word he quipped, SLEEPLESS.

Favorite Quote
"Leadership is a potent combination of strategy and character. But if you must be without one, be without strategy. – H. Norman Schwarzkopf