Kari Zenner

Business Development Manager
Kari Zenner
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Finding solutions always came naturally to Kari so pursuing a career where a + b = c, was a no-brainer. She received an Accounting degree, joined the workforce and enjoyed the predictability of numbers and the stability of life as an Accountant. After 132 month-end closes, she decided to move into a role where she could utilize her experience with a new formula: passion + integrity = results.

For 20+ years Kari has partnered with companies throughout the Twin Cities facilitating staffing solutions that exceed their business goals. For five consecutive years she achieved top performer status & was recognized as one of the Top 10 business development manager’s nationally – the only finance & accounting professional in the group.

"I have found that through Kari’s integrity, drive, and passion to succeed, that she truly sets herself apart." - Peter S.

Besides being one of the best in the business, Kari is a sports enthusiast, pop-culture connoisseur and amateur nature photographer who orders Jimmy Johns for lunch at least twice a week.

Fun Facts

Waterfall Chaser
Kari has experienced the beauty of 'The Smoke that Thunders' - the a largest waterfall in the world located in southern Africa 

Fly Like a Bird 
Kari really spread her wings when she went skydiving while on vacation Hawaii, landing safely on the island of Oahu after taking the leap from 14,000 feet.

Favorite Quote
"Don't let your dreams be dreams." - Jack Johnson