Oggi professionals use decades of industry experience and a passion for people solutions to drive recruiting results for your business…whether you are looking for a short-term, long-term or permanent solution we are here to help facilitate lasting career connections.

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Our knowledgeable professionals are experts in matching industry professionals with ideal roles to help our clients. Working side by side, we can reach and
surpass their goals.

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We work with experienced and passionate consultants who are dedicated to delivering impactful results for you and your business. Let’s drive results together.

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We utilize our decades of industry expertise, a proven solution process and extensive network to attract top talent for your C-suite and key contributor roles.

Creating a Standout Resume

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Right now, many professionals are searching for a new position or considering relocation as part of the next step in their careers. Before ever meeting your next potential employer, you will need your resume to make a great introduction on your behalf. Writing a better resume will help you attract the...

Why Work With an AAFA Affiliate?

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Whether you are on the job market or filling a position, the market is saturated with tools to “help” you. This doesn’t mean the process has gotten any easier. Commercial sites dump resumes and job postings on you, most of which don’t apply. Big recruiting companies try to fit square pegs...

Bobble Talk Recap: Executive Search

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Oggi Executive Search is a division of Oggi Professional Services with an emphasis on identifying talent ranging from the C-suite to key contributor roles. Brad Gilbertson and Rob Wegscheid discuss Oggi Search in last week’s episode, Bobble Talk: Executive Search. Rob shares why he enjoys being part...