The Real Oggi
The Real Oggi: “With Oggi I felt like I had a team behind me.”

Oggi: Have you ever worked with another recruiting firm?

Jason: I have. Over the years I worked with a large international recruiting firm in a few different U.S. markets.

Oggi: How was your experience with them?

Jason: It was BAD. At the time I was young in my career and I didn’t have a very “good” resume. Despite it being in their best interest, they didn’t bother to provide any career counseling or guidance during my search. In fact, the person I was working with didn’t seem interested in me at all. I felt like a number. I really disliked the company and wouldn’t work with them again.

Oggi: Following those experiences what was your perception of the industry?

My general sense was recruiters don’t work for you, they work to fill reqs. I understand that it’s a business but I never felt that they were invested in MY success, just their bottom line.

Oggi. After having had such a bad experience why did you decide to meet with an Oggi Pro?

Jason: I honestly can’t remember but going into that first meeting I was really weary. I met with two members on the Oggi team (one of which was Sean, the CEO!) and after the first 15 minutes I felt very comfortable. I explained my previous experiences with recruiting firms and they took the time to explain Oggi’s model and how they assist their candidates. I appreciated their openness and honesty. I quickly realized that they had something to add and finally felt I had someone on my team.

Oggi. How did your experience with Oggi compare with your past experiences?

Jason: My background can be kind of confusing so it’s been overlooked by other recruiting firms in the past but my Oggi Pro took the time to connect the dots. He really got to know me and my background and where I wanted to go.

Oggi. Did your Oggi Pro keep you in the loop throughout your search?

Jason: Yes. He was fantastic!! It was like having a coach. All I had to do was show up. It was amazing.

Oggi: How did working with an Oggi Pro benefit you?

Jason: Oggi had placed several accounting & finance professionals in roles within the organization where I was applying so he had extensive knowledge of what the hiring manager and this particular company was looking for in a candidate. He knew the role inside and out and believed that I was the best match.

Also, it had been some time since I had been out on a job interview so I was a little rusty. He gave me a rundown on what the interview would be like but he really went beyond normal interview preparedness strategies. Because he is a CPA himself he was able to relate my background and knew the right questions to ask. He really helped me understand the role and took time to interact with me about the materials and whenever I felt a little nervous about the interview he was incredibly encouraging.

Afterward he was able to give me great feedback & insight about the interview – the good & the bad. I appreciated his honesty.

He had the experience and background to relate to my role, he knew the hiring manager and the company. He understood my background and goals. He was incredible.

Oggi: What is your perception of the industry after having worked with an Oggi Pro?

Jason: It did a complete 180. My Oggi Pros were very knowledgeable about the Twin Cities marketplace especially Accounting & Finance. They were really interested in my background and they weren’t like the people I had worked with in the past and they were a lot of fun to talk to. With Oggi I felt like I had a team behind me.

Oggi: Did you feel your Oggi Pro was looking out for your best interests?

Jason: Absolutely. 100%.

Oggi: Would you refer a friend or a coworker to Oggi?

Jason: Absolutely. I am definitely an Oggi advocate and I would really like to see Oggi continue to grow and be a strong presence.

Oggi: Our motto is Passion. Integrity. Results.
On a scale of 1 – 5 how would you rate your Oggi Pro? (1 = Poor; 2 = Fair; 3 = Good; 4 = Very Good; 5 = Excellent)

Passion: 5
Integrity: 5
Results: 5

Oggi: Any final comments?

Jason: No BS, I thought working with Oggi was very valuable.

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