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Oggi grows into spacious new Minnetonka location

What all started with just one other business development manager in a 15’ x 12’ “closet” in 2010 has expanded into a fifteen person, Minneapolis/St. Paul Business Journal Top Executive Search firm and two-time Best Place to Work winner in 5,400-square-foot headquarters in a Class “A” office suite.

Our passion has been the fuel for our growth and despite the desire to add professionals to the team, in 2015 Oggi had reached maximum capacity in our second office space. Thus, the search for new headquarters began. Not only would the new space need to be significantly larger, to allow Oggi to continue to grow our staff, it also needed to incorporate space for entertaining extras to cultivate an energetic environment to keep staffers (who we call Oggi Pros) engaged and enthusiastic. In July 2016, Oggi Professional Services relocated to the Carlson Center East I building in Minnetonka, MN.

Nestled into the scenic wetlands of Minnetonka, our new headquarters is spacious and bright, with many collaborative areas, a family style dining room, a beer/soda fridge, an outdoor seating area for lunch,or meetings smart desks, kids playroom and a private employee entrance.

Did I mention the foosball table? Things can get pretty competitive.

Oggi has firmly established its place as a leading Twin Cities recruiting and staffing firm with a team of Oggi Pros that have a reputation for passion, integrity and results. We’re happy to report that the “closet” is a thing of the past.

Read more about our space and the planning behind the design in the Minneapolis/St. Paul Business Journal: Cool Offices: Oggi Professional grows into spacious new Minnetonka location.

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