The Real Oggi
Meet the Oggi Pro: Get to Know Chad

What are you passionate about?

My work and family!

What’s the best part about working at Oggi?

The team. We’re client and candidate focused, not sales focused which is incredibly unique in this industry.  There is no in-house fighting over accounts etc.  We truly partner and do what’s best for our clients and candidates.

What is the best professional advice you have ever received?

Be true to yourself and find a place where they allow you to excel. You want to find a place that provides you with opportunity and growth.

Also, you cannot be perfect, but you can strive to be better. If you are constantly trying to get better than you will do well personally and professionally.

What was the hardest job you have ever had and what did you learn from it?

I worked construction in both demo and insulation. I learned that no matter how bad the week is, I could be outside in winter demo-ing homes in my 40’s.  So, buck up buttercup.

How To Write a Professional Letter of Resignation

When do you need to write a letter of resignation?

Before giving notice; it allows you to mentally role-play the conversation. It also gives you an opportunity to get all of your thoughts out on paper and edit it a few times to complete the perfect message.

How long should it be?

Short and sweet. Thank them for all that you’ve learned and enjoyed and the time they have invested in you.  It’s often best to state that you’ve found an opportunity that is best for your career and family. Your letter of resignation shouldn’t be more than a page—preferably even shorter than a page. Be professional and to the point.

When is the right time to deliver your letter of resignation?

When you resign with your boss or supervisor and then HR. Depending on your organization’s structure you may not need to give your letter to HR, but is a best practice to provide one to both parties.

Is there a reason why you shouldn’t write a letter of resignation?

No. You want to do everything you can to stay on good terms with everyone you meet so take the time to write a nice letter and hopefully the transition goes smoothly.