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When looking for C-level employees, where should someone start?

C-level executives and strong leaders are more in demand than ever before. They can be picky as to where they want to work and are most likely not looking for a new job. When we educate our clients on the executive search process and the general expectations from candidates, we speak to the often strong emphasis on the role of leadership and philosophical match rather than task-oriented job duties. It is wise to engage an experienced executive search firm that will bring a sophisticated approach to the process while actively finding the necessary skill set that is needed for your business.

Why should a company use an executive search team?

When you require talent that is truly influential. Executive hires can have a profound impact on the organization and can make or break a company. A diligent executive search firm will help mitigate the risk by honing-in on the hard and soft skills required in the role and place an equal emphasis on culture and fit.

What are some basic steps for vetting executives for leadership roles?

  1. Identify the organization’s “must-haves” and “nice to haves”
  2. Review what’s working and what’s not in the current state of the business
  3. Establish clear goals for the future of the role and of the business
  4. Identify candidate goals, objectives and philosophical approach to leadership
  5. Focus on a truly mutual fit for all
  6. Never sell – always educate and empower candidates

How does Oggi find those “diamonds in the rough?”

Every executive search firm sells their network (and Oggi has a deep one). With Oggi, we strive to emphasize our structured process. The Oggi Executive Search process is a customized approach to finding and evaluating the right professional for your role and needs. At Oggi we execute on all of the pre-qualifying and deep dive questions to ensure that your organization’s culture, vision and goals are in synch. Oggi partners with you on interviewing, evaluation, pre-offer, finalization and follow up. It’s not just about finding talented people—it’s about finding the right professional, the right way.

What if my organization is worried about bringing in an outside hire, instead of promoting from within?

Promoting from within can send a solid message throughout the organization. If that is the right answer, Oggi will help identify that solution for you and execute on that strategy. Depending upon the role, there is a very realistic benefit to bringing in outside eyes with a new perspective. As owners and leaders, you have the responsibility to do what is best for your company. We have found that often that means finding new, talented philosophically aligned professionals to lead your organization to the next set of goals.

When is the right time to start a search or talk to an executive search team?

There is no real “right time.” In today’s world you never know what the future holds and it’s nice to have a second set of eyes on your vision. Just as you are an expert in your business, we are experts in search and leadership. An acute search partner should be consultative and knowledgeable before the search even starts. We typically advise clients to start early. First, hash out the true expectations of the role and how it will impact the business towards its goals and development. This is one spot you do not want to be rushed into making a decision. Having experience, a strong network and a structured process in place will give you a very strong start to an impactful decision