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What we’re thankful for at Oggi

On Thursday many of us will break bread with family & friends and express gratitude for the food, our health and for the family & friends celebrating Thanksgiving with you.

As I started to consider the things in my life that I am thankful for I realized how thankful I am to work with the wonderful people at Oggi, my desk with a standing option and the free coffee. We all spend the majority of our waking hours with coworkers which got me wondering…what are my fellow Oggi Pros thankful for at work? Here’s what they said…

Daren – For Sean starting the company, and that I said yes to joining him right away. It’s a great place to work, I’m thankful.

Scott – Great colleagues, fun culture, passionate people, leadership.

Nate – I am thankful for my window seat.

Derek – Hip hop Fridays; great colleagues; healthy competition (both in terms of placements an office games); the occasional free pastry.

Becky – Great colleagues who make me laugh, a supportive and fun work environment and office celebrations with red velvet cake.

Jon – I am thankful for my hilarious coworkers.

Erika – I’m thankful to be in an environment in which I have the capability to grow and progress in my career. I am also thankful to work with people that I enjoy spending time with at work.

Kelly – Free coffee, Spotify, my desk with a standing option, office celebrations, an understanding boss (who hates it when I call him my boss…sorry) who trusts me to do what it takes to get my job done.

Oggi Asks Logo We want to know…what are you thankful for at work? Comment below or Tweet us your response at @OggiPro with the hashtag #OggiAsks.

Last but not least we are truly thankful for our wonderful clients & candidates who continue to grow with Oggi each year and our Facebook, LinkedIn & Twitter followers and friends. Happy Thanksgiving!