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Uh-Oh Interview Mistakes

The vast majority of people we meet are the best in the business but every once in a while though our Oggi Pros will have a strange encounter during an interview. Here are a few doozies…


  1. …sat crisscross apple sauce in an office chair through the entire interview.
  2. …wore a Harley Davidson tie with a half-naked woman on it.
  3. …arrogantly refused to do an interview test by swearing and tossing the test in my face.
  4. …When asked “Where do you see yourself in five years?” The candidate said “Not here. Someplace warm!”
  5. …in between interviews with the CFO & HR he drove a company van through a gate.
  6. …brought his wife to the interview.
  7. …winked at the interviewer while saying “YOU can call me Mike.”

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