More Musings
Today…we are thankful.

On Thursday many of us will break bread with family & friends and express gratitude for the food, our health and for the family & friends celebrating Thanksgiving.

As I started to consider the things in my life that I am thankful for, my health, my family and our new home, I realized how thankful I am to work at Oggi. Since we all spend the majority of our waking hours at work I started to wonder what are my fellow Oggi Pros thankful for? Here’s what they said…

I am thankful…

…for health. – Tricia Keating

…excellent sense of humor by all. – Daren Miller

…that a day doesn’t go by without me laughing. – Erika Townley

…for my dual monitors, my Oggi coffee mug (and endless supply of coffee), my awesome team (everyone), Movember and my ability to grow super manly facial hair – Jon Krauth

…for fun. – Nate Exsted

…a team that cares and for the clients and candiates who put their faith in us. – Sean Keating

…hip hop Fridays, the free above average coffee, working with colleagues who have the same goals and who I trust implicitly. – Derek Schmale

…that I get to work with great clients and candidates in an environment that supports both. – Chad Miyamoto

…when my music selections get played, legal pads, awesome citations, taking fun pictures, comradery and laughing. – Becky Studt

…for great colleagues, great clients, great consultants, standing work stations and my Oggi bobblehead. – Scott Sterling

As for me, I am so thankful for the Denver omelets in the cafeteria, the variety in my role and for a boss who appreciates me as much as I appreciate him. Last but certainly not least I am so thankful for my wonderful coworkers for being so much fun to work with, their willingness to participate in our group selfies, their support and comradery. You are truly the best in the business and I am so proud to work with each and every one of you. Thank you for all you do!

What are you thankful for at work? Let us know on our Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter page using the hashtag #OggiAsks