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One size doesn’t fit all

So I walk into the office on a beautiful Monday morning and crack open my Outlook. I’m looking forward (in trepidation?) to see what the weekend has brought in terms of e-mail. As the system loads, I grab a cup of coffee, and sit down, what do I see? An e-mail blast from a recruiter, sent to our entire office, which makes me laugh out loud (that’s LOL, for you younger folks). You see, I’m a recruiter also. I see these things all the time, and I wince as I re-read what has been sent. This person was looking for a Senior Accountant for some role, and while I know my way around a Balance Sheet, and love helping accountants, I’m not going to be employed as an accountant anytime soon (neither are any of the other 5 or 6 Oggi Pros who received the exact same email.)

I thought about what candidates must think when they get notes like this. Taking a glass is half full approach; they probably say to themselves “this person is just trying to do their job”. When Sean Keating started Oggi, and he and I were sitting elbow to elbow in our first office, we had a simple phrase we repeated… Today…It’s About People. At the end of the day, a good recruiter can help big time, and the ones that care will send notes that appreciate your background, and anticipate what might be an interesting next step for you.

At Oggi, we know a one size approach doesn’t fit all. We always strive to do better.

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