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Keeping it clean at Oggi

Spring has sprung. We have been holed up in our houses or offices for the colder months and as a result, the clutter and dust has become more prevalent and has likely begun to take over. Most people perform the annual ‘spring cleaning’ ritual at their home, but how many actually do it at the office?

It’s important to take 10 minutes (or longer depending on the amount of clutter you have acquired over the winter months) in your cube or office to get things in order. Below are 5 commonly forgotten areas you should clean up to be more efficient, organized and productive at the office.

  1. Don a dapper desktop
    We are constantly dumping documents, pictures, etc. onto our desktop. It’s important to clean your desktop off periodically. Your computer will run faster, your documents will be organized, and you will finally be able to see that cute picture of your kids or pets on your desktop background.
  2. Dirtless drawers are a dream
    If you are anything like me, when you get a pen or post it or anything else that is random, you throw it in your top drawer. I recently went through mine and found everything from pens, paperclips, an endless supply of rubber bands, misc. Tylenol, and tea bags. It is a hassle to dig through them each time you need something. Sorting and piling these items will help you to more efficiently locate necessities in the future.
  3. Fresh files are fantastic
    When I came on board as Oggi’s Executive Administrative Assistant, I took the time to go through and reorganize my filing cabinets. Two reasons for doing this: 1. so that you (re)familiarize yourself with what’s in them and 2. so when you are our of the office and a co-worker needs to locate something, they will be able to locate the document or folder they need without a lot of effort. A combination of hanging folders (which just might be the best invention for staying organized in the office), manila folders, and labels and you will make your filing cabinet easy to navigate.
  4. E-mmaculate e-mail is excellent
    In previous roles I got into the habit of not only not deleting emails, but also putting them into specific folders. My inbox is reserved only for tasks that I need to complete or emails I need to reply to. If you use Microsoft Outlook there are a lot of tools that you can use to keep track of tasks. Tools such as categorizing, follow up flags, rules, and a task list. During your spring cleaning, set some of these up, I promise that come next year, you will have a lot less email cleanup to do and you will keep your sanity more throughout the year.
  5. Under your desk (there is no cute way to say this)
    I don’t know about you, but currently I have 4 pairs of shoes under my desk. Along with papers to be recycled, paperclips, pens, etc. Cleaning this area, especially if you are in a cube, will make you appear and feel more put together and professional.

I constantly give our Marketing Manager a hard time about her desk, because, well, it looks like a printer exploded on her desk. Her philosophy is “A clean desk means you don’t have enough to do.” While I think she’s hilarious, a clean desk helps me stay sane. If there are papers, pens, staplers, scissors everywhere, I start to lose my mind and I no longer know where anything is. As a result, when my boss asks me where something is and I can’t find it, I have an internal panic attack. Everybody has their own way staying organized at work. Tweet us your tips at @OggiPro and use the hashtag #OggiAsks.

Happy spring cleaning everyone!