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Happy Administrative Professionals Day!

Not a day goes by at Oggi that we don’t thank our lovely Administrative Assistant for all she does but one week a year she deserves to be honored (the dates vary eash year but it’s usually observed towards the end of April) I am writing to spread the word about why it’s important to show your appreciation for all Administrative Professionals do, not just this week, but every day.

Some people view the job of an Administrative Assistant as menial when in truth it is an integral position at any organization and it takes a unique person to take on that type of role. Whether you are an executive or have newly entered the workforce, it is very important to be especially courteous when working with them. They are the gate keepers to their executives and often have the knowledge and authority to be capable problem solvers in their absence. They are also often responsible for patching through phone calls, managing the calendars and schedules for their executives and are privy to insider information. Just make sure your actions are genuine because a good Admin will know when people are trying to take advantage of them to gain access to the c-suite and those actions reflect arrogance (not to mention a lack of self-awareness), and those impressions of you will likely get passed on to the people they support.

For most Administrative Professionals every day presents something different and they never know what they will be walking into when the day starts. The important project that gets started in the morning might not get done that day because of continuous interruptions and other fires that need to be put out.

A great Administrative Professional is worth their weight in gold and you still have a tomorrow to put together something special for him/her. Some good ideas are flowers, lunch, (or both) or even just a nice hand written note to say thanks. Just make sure he/she isn’t the one making the plans or placing the order! And be sure to show your appreciation often.

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