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Career advice from my Dad

My father was, and is the hardest working person I have ever met. Bar none. Many people say that about folks in their lives, but he truly is. Maybe to a fault, but as faults go…I’ll take it. At just shy of 70 years old my dad still works a 60 hour week and hops up on a dozer or backhoe any chance he gets to show up a “lazy, entitled, young guy”.

So in honor of all the great hardworking Dads out there we are celebrating Father’s Day with career advice you can take to the bank from the Dads of our Oggi Pros.

“If it’s worth doing…its worth doing right. The minute you start cutting corners ‘stuff’ goes wrong.”

“Work hard and you’ll get ahead.”

– Pat Keating (Sean’s Dad)


“Quality matters, especially when your name is on a product. Take pride in your work because it will shape other’s perceptions of you. People will notice the extra care you take.”

– Darrell Haugen (Tricia’s Dad)


“Deliver good news fast, and deliver bad news faster.”

“Treat others how you want to be treated.”

“Be honest – People like dealing with honest people.”

– Pat Krauth (Jon’s Dad)


“It’s look at what you did, not look at what I did.”

– David Exsted (Nate’s Dad)


“Be honest.”

“Prepare for the next step.”

– Randy Haugen (Kelly’s Dad)


My dad gave the me poem The Man in the Glass. Fitting for both life and business. “Always be true to yourself and do not cheat the man in the glass.”

– Ed Brant (Becky’s Dad)

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Sean Keating

I founded Oggi Professional Services because I believed Twin Cities professionals deserved a firm that would listen and put their needs first. And that's what we do. I love my wife, kids, our Leavitt Bulldog Mangus, the Boston Bruins, Bruce Springsteen & holiday music.