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8 (more) harmless pranks you can get away with at work

The professional world doesn’t have to be so darn professional (does it?!)! In my career, I have found people to be far more productive and engaged when they are having some fun. Work is stressful, so don’t take it so seriously…please!

With April fool’s day approaching, I have drawn upon my own professional experience to come up with some great (harmless) office antics to ensure a good time had by all. My hope is that you give a couple a try then send us photos of your pranks in Twitter at @OggiPro #OggiPranks.

  1. CASPER THE FRIENDLY OFFICE GHOST: When a colleague is on a call, make noises mirroring a ghost to test their ability to handle distraction! Click here to see a video example:
  2. THE KEYBOARD SWITCH Take a butter knife and remove the number or letter coverings on your co-workers keyboard, then simply replace in the wrong spot.
  3. TAPE FIXES ANYTHING When your colleague or cube mate goes away for a moment, simply put a piece of tape over their phone ear-piece or mouth speaker. Great enjoyment will be found watching them mess with the phone volume for the rest of the day! Really, opportunities are endless with tape in the office!!!
  4. THE PAPER CLIP CONNECTION Connect all of their paper clips together.
  5. THAT’S A WRAP Gift wrap your workers desk during holiday vacation (an oldie but a goodie).
  6. BOTTOMS UP Write something funny on the bottom of their coffee cup (keep it clean folks).
  7. BANANA PHONE Remove your coworkers’ telephone receiver and replace it with a banana. Bonus prank:hide the receiver and call them a few times.
  8. SOMEBODY’S WATCHING YOU Put self-stick googly-eyes on your coworkers’ snacks and/or office equipment, like a mouse.

Although these jokes are funny & harmless it’s important to remember the following when pranking a coworker:

  1. Never prank someone you don’t like or don’t get along with. This is just harassment.
  2. Make sure your prankee has a good sense of humor.
  3. Make sure you aren’t playing the pranks when an important meeting is scheduled – especially if it’s with a coworkers client or boss.

Now…let us know how you celebrate April 1st by tweeting with your office prank ideas to us @OggiPro #OggiPranks.