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25 hilarious busy season tweets

It can be difficult to maintain your sense of humor during stressful or busy seasons at work but according to laughter really is the best medicine for stress management. Laughter reduces the level of stress hormones and increases the level of endorphins, it exercises the diaphragm and connects us with others.

So because I care about you (and your health) I’ve compiled tweets from 25 accounting and finance pros who are bringing the funny to Twitter this busy season for our annual #busyseason blog. Enjoy!

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1.  I can’t tell you the last time I left work before 8pm. I can tell you that it won’t be tonight though. #BusySeason

2.  Trying to get my billable hours in by 7pm so I can watch season finale of The Bachelor. @BachelorABC #BusySeason #PublicAccountant​

3.  Everyday I look at the clock at 4:30 and think okay I’m halfway there #busyseason

​4.  When the fire alarm is going off but you’re too busy to evacuate #workflow #busyseason #ohwell

​5.  I hate merged cells in Excel and people who merge cells. #nevermerge #busyseason

​6.  Time check 5:30 am and I just got home #audit #busyseason

​7.  Home is where you just go to sleep and change clothes #busyseason

​8.  Spring break next week!! Just kidding #busyseason

​9.  Those who say #TGIF do not work in Public Accounting. #BusySeason

​10.  Need another 6 hours in the day and another 6 days in the week #busyseason

​11.  Well that explains half the talk in an audit room during #busyseason

​      @GoogleFacts “Staying awake for 17 hours has the same effect on your body as drinking 2 glasses of wine.”

12.  Welp. Just finished the first audit of #busyseason. I can officially add “did not cry” to my accomplishment list.

13.  I’ve asked what day it is today at least five times and I’m still not convinced it’s Friday. #BusySeason

​14.  Playing real-life Frogger with your audit partner on the way to lunch bc why not? #busyseason

​15.  I know it’s #busyseason when I have to pull out my third monitor to view everything at once

16.  If you get a text back from me in the next two weeks, consider yourself of high importance #BusySeason

​17.  CPA = Cut. Paste. Assemble. #busyseason #taxseason

​18.  Work 15 hrs, sleep 5 & don’t even know what happens with the rest #busyseason

​19.  Only 8 more Saturday’s until freedom #busyseason

​20.  This too shall pass #BusySeason

​21.  My body is rejecting #busyseason. I think I’m dying.

22.  Got pulled over tonight cause the cop thought I was drunk. Nope, just my 4th consecutive 15 hour day #busyseason #whatissleep

​23.  Being at work this late should be illegal #busyseason

​24.  Work has been so busy, I didn’t even realize I missed the Grammys. #busyseason #publicaccounting

​25.  Coffee. Red bull. Coffee. Red bull. Coffee. Red bull. Coffee. Red bull. 🙁 #BusySeason #IMightDie #Exhausted


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