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24 hilarious busy season tweets

It can be difficult to maintain your sense of humor during stressful or busy seasons at work but according to laughter really is the best medicine for stress management. Laughter reduces the level of stress hormones and increases the level of endorphins, it exercises the diaphragm and connects us with others.

So because I care about you (and your health) I’ve compiled tweets from 24 accounting and finance pros who are bringing the funny to Twitter this busy season for our annual #busyseason blog. (Note: Twitter handles have been omitted to protect the innocent.) Enjoy!

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    [A]ll [U] [D]o [I]s [T]hink [O]f [R]esigning
    #busyseason #buhayaudit
  2. If you really listen to “Hold On” by Wilson Phillips, it’s really just a metaphor for #busyseason.
  3. Eye twitching is back. You would think I was stressed or something. #busyseason
  4. Called my mom at 5:30 and the first thing she asked was “how did you get out of work so early?” #busyseason
  5. I’d tell you some tax jokes, but I doubt you’d depreciate it! #laughalittle #itstaxseason #busyseason #cpa #motivationalmonday
  6. ‘Tis the time of year when everyone talks about how much sleep they got instead of what they did over the weekend #BusySeason
  7. Head may soon explode. SOS. Send cold medicine. And someone to do my work. And probably coffee… #busyseason
  8. 10:15 pm is a normal time to eat dinner, right? #BusySeason
  9. That moment when you wake up and feel like you didn’t sleep at all because you were dreaming about working. #busyseason
  10. In college, I thought I had learned the definition of exhaustion but #busyseason had shown me I was very very wrong… #BigFour #audit
  11. I need to do laundry. I had to use a beach towel after my shower. #busyseason
  12. You know you’re a tax accountant when…you start having nightmares about unbalanced trial balances #busyseason #Accountantproblems
  13. #busyseason weight gain is no joke.
  14. You know it’s #busyseason when you go to the nail salon and decide to not get acrylics because your 10-keying skills are more important.
  15. Sunday morning… better get to the office #sundayfunday #busyseason #auditorlife
  16. I don’t understand how my work laptop gets so dusty when I literally use it 16+ hours a day #busyseason
  17. Sometimes luxury is driving home before sunset and taking a bath instead of prepping state tax returns. #busyseason
  18. I left work at 9:20 PM and felt guilty for leaving early.  #busyseason
  19. I need a man who can handle both #busyseason hours AND my sing-alongs with this Disney hits playlists while I work late
  20. Spotify being real shady playing a Turbo Tax commercial while I’m at work doing taxes… #busyseason
  21. You know it’s been a hard day of audit when you come home after 15 hrs and you find nerds in your hair  #yesthecandy #busyseason
  22. Only when ya live in MN & work in public acctg do you get excited for snowstorms so you can leave work “early” at 8pm to WFH #busyseason
  23. Didn’t feel like washing my sheets, so I just bought new ones. #busyseason
  24. Today got to a point where even copy/pasting took a great deal of thought #busyseason​

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