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13 Hilarious Busy Season tweets

It can be difficult to maintain your sense of humor during stressful or busy seasons at work but according to laughter really is the best medicine for stress management. Laughter reduces the level of stress hormones and increases the level of endorphins, it exercises the diaphragm and connects us with others.1 So because I care about you (and your health) I’ve compiled tweets from 13 accounting and finance pros who are bringing the funny to Twitter this busy season.

  1. When your senior manager gets a coffee around 5, 5:30 it’s never a good sign. #BusySeason #Accounting
  2. You know it’s been a long week when you have to double check your own last name to make sure it’s spelled right. #busyseason #isitFridayyet?
  3. I’m already well past 40 hours for the week and it’s only Wednesday #busyseason #exhausted
  4. Eat. Sleep. Audit.Repeat. #busyseason
  5. Just got home from work, binged on chocolate, shed a few tears, and now it’s time for bed. #busyseason #lifeofanauditor #isitoveryet
  6. Quick moment of silence for all my friends in public accounting. It’s February, you’re almost there! Let’s hang out in 2 months. #busyseason
  7. Another day, another billable hour…or 12. #cpalife #busyseason #hurryupapril
  8. I wish my phone didn’t tell me how long until my alarm goes off #busyseason
  9. 12 degrees outside, and I’m thinking about spring. New life, budding everything, allergies, running in the rain, end of #busyseason…
  10. Maybe it’s good I’m single since I work 6 days a week and get home late. #busyseason
  11. Hello busy season, goodbye 2 day weekends #busyseason
  12. 6 months ago I was golfing 5 days a week…now I think it’s a treat if I see sunlight during my day #timeshavechanged #busyseason
  13. Don’t tell me you’ve worked a long week til you work 85 hours. #busyseason

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