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12 pieces of advice every college grad needs to succeed

For many new grads moving off the campus and into the professional world can be an overwhelming reality. While you are busy celebrating your many accomplishments it’s inevitable that your friends, family and maybe even acquaintances will begin the inquisition:

So….what’s next?

Are you applying for jobs? Where?

Are you going to get a post-grad degree?

Ahhh! If you’re not quite sure what your next step should be, take some advice from an Oggi Pro. They’ve been around the block (once or twice) and are ready to lend an ear if you’re looking for come career counseling.

Daren Miller, Recruiting Manager

Daren Miller, Recruiting Manager

So you’re a New Grad? The world is your oyster, and here are some things you might want to consider!

1. You know what you know. Be open to what you don’t. If you get a chance to talk with a company that you aren’t familiar with, TALK TO THEM. You’ll get a better idea of the spaces you best operate in!!

2. Establish a work/life balance. As the old adage goes, you’ll never wish you had worked more. I guarantee it.

3. Gratitude. You’ve worked hard and earned your degree. A lot of people most likely participated in your ability to do so. Make sure they know it. A Thank You can go a long, long way.

Nate Exsted, Recruiting Manager

Nate Exsted, Recruiting Manager

Looking back, if I could give myself advice coming out of college I would…

1. Put less emphasis on money. The early parts of the career are to develop skills and a foundation for the rest of your professional life.

2. Travel more. Though the “real world” can feel daunting and coming right out of college I felt financial stress, in reality, I had the time and money to do more before kids, career, home, etc. make life really busy.

3. Come from a place of “Yes”! When someone asks to go to lunch, make time. If a boss asks if you want to add on a project, say yes every time. Put yourself out there and take every opportunity life presents.

Derek Schmale, Recruiting Manager

Derek Schmale, Recruiting Manager

1. Save money and live within your means. This should actually be easy—in college, we could all make $20 stretch for a week. Keep this mentality and you’ll always have money in the bank

2. Buy a house. I know the downtown rental with stainless steel and marble is a lot sexier than the fixer-upper in the burbs, but you’ll thank yourself in 5 years when you have $20k in equity instead of a handful of cleared checks for the $90k you paid in rent (yes, that’s what $1,500 per month for 5 years comes out to)!

3. When you do splurge, spend money on experiences rather than stuff. I know the new car and the awesome wardrobe is attractive, but this will be one of the few times in your life when you don’t have other obligations (i.e. kids) that make it difficult to travel, attend sporting events and concerts, try new restaurants, etc.

Sean Keating, CEO & Founder

Sean Keating, CEO & Founder

1. Don’t be picky. Your first job isn’t likely going to be your dream job. Get some experience under your belt.

2. Work as hard as humanly possible. Before you settle down with a mortgage, maybe a marriage and a couple of kids, and other things that simply require time & effort, use your extra energy to get ahead in your career. People notice.

3. Do what is NOT expected of you.

An education – you’ve earned it. Now get out there and own it! Congrats grads!