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10 gifts under $10 for Administrative Professionals Day

“The trouble with doing something right the first time is that nobody appreciates how difficult it was.” – Author unknown

During my career I have had my own Administrative Assistant and I have been the Administrative Assistant – so I know just how invaluable they are. With Administrative Professionals Week right around the corner it is important to make sure your admin knows that all they do does not go unnoticed.

You don’t need to spend your entire paycheck to show your appreciation. A small token, I can guarantee, will be appreciated and will motivate your admin to continue to do their best for you. Here are 10 ideas under $10 that will show your Administrative Professional how much you appreciate them (without breaking the bank.)

  1. Mason jar gifts – These are becoming popular everywhere. All it takes? A small mason jar and some knowledge of what your admin likes. As an example, I enjoy nail polish. You could easily fill a mason jar with a couple bottles of nail polish, cotton balls, nail file, etc. Click here for Mason jar gift ideas and tutorials via Pinterest.
  2. “Punny” gifts – An example would be, a Skor bar with a card/note attached that says, “Our office reallySKORed big when you we got you as our admin!” Or attach a 100 grand bar to a Mountain Dew with a note that says “100 Grand for all you Dew!” Sure it’s a bit corny but it will make them smile.
  3. Gift Cards – A small gift card goes a loooooong way. A $10 gift card to their favorite coffee or lunch spot not only gives them a treat for their day, but gives them an excuse to get out of the office.
  4. Spa Day – If everyone in the office (or on the team) chipped in $10 that would give the admin enough to go for a massage, facial, manicure/pedicure. If you were really going for the gold, you could talk to their boss to see if the admin could get an extra day of PTO for their day of pampering. I worked at a firm that would send all of the Administrative Professionals to the spa for the afternoon. While I’m not big on massages, there were plenty of other services to choose from and let me tell you, I loved every minute of it.
  5. Handmade Cards – Honestly I wouldn’t have thought of this before, but this year I was fortunate enough to receive an admin card early. One of our Oggi Pros made a card which was both funny and sweet. As a bonus he put a coupon for a free lunch inside and while it expires at the end of the year (LOL), I intend on cashing in.
  6. Non-Traditional Bouquets – Flowers are nice but ones that you can easily put together a non-traditional bouquet to stand out amongst the rest. For example, you could get a coffee mug and fill it with packets of coffee, hot chocolate, cookies, biscuits, etc. or just a vase with candy (tape the candy to chopsticks or something similar and arrange them in a vase as though they were flowers). Click here for candy bouquet ideas and tutorials via Pinterest.
  7. Knick-Knacks – There are plenty of stores that sell unique gifts. My co-workers love Patina and Goodthings. Both boutiques are overflowing with inexpensive, funny gifts suitable for everyone.
  8. Plants – Plants are a great substitute for traditional flowers. They can be long-lasting (provided they take care of it) and can be a constant reminder that they are appreciated. Don’t know what to get? Here is a list ofThe 15 easiest indoor plants that won’t die on you.
  9. Breakfast – In our office, free food sends people running to the kitchen, no matter what it is. Bagels, donuts, etc. are a great way to start the day and it shows everyone else a bit of appreciation too. Just make sure your Admin gets first dibs.
  10. Miscellaneous – Be creative. You know your admin best, come up with something simple that says, “thank you” and that suits them.

We don’t need much and a little goes a long way. Happy Administrative Professional’s week to my fellow Admins.

Administrative Professionals Day: 4/25/18