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Why Hire A Consultant?

Oggi has talked about why candidates should consider becoming a consultant, but why should your business hire a consultant? They have many uses, from providing special skills to helping plan your company’s future. Let’s take a look at exactly what a consultant is, what they can do, and why they could benefit your business. 

What Is a Consultant? 

Before understanding why a consultant can help, first, we have to know exactly what they are. The definition of a consultant is “someone who provides expert advice.” While this is a little broad, it illuminates the main point: these outside authorities bring experience that your company does not have. They have seen many challenges across the industry and can bring that experience to your business. Now that you know what a consultant is, what can they do? 

What Can a Consultant Do? 

Ranging all the way up to C-Suite, consultants can work on anything from mundane tasks to helping plan a company’s financial future. Different experts offer different services depending on what your company is looking for. Consultants generally fall into four work styles: strategic advice, training, coaching, and work support. 

Strategic advice consultants work in the realm of planning and create a blueprint for your company. Whether that is a merger plan or helping choose a growth strategy depends on the consultant. A training consultant works with a team for a short period and teaches them essential skills, like how to sell in a new market. Coaching consultants work like trainers but over a longer period. These consultants usually have a relationship with the company and help train individuals or entire departments. Finally, work support consultants are nose-to-the-grindstone help. Businesses hire them to complete a project or help the company catch up, and they work until the project is complete. Consultants can also be on-site, partially on-site, or completely remote. It all depends on what your company needs. 

How can a Consultant Benefit my Business? 

There are many benefits to hiring consultants. As demonstrated above, they provide a flexible addition to your workforce. Beyond accommodating most working situations, consultants can save you money. Their fees are slightly higher per month than paying a monthly employee would be, but once they consultants complete a project they are off the payroll. 

Consultants bring a new perspective to workplaces. Many projects take a long time, and your employees can get in a rut being too close for too long. Consultants can step back and view the challenge with fresh eyes. Plus, as outside experts in their field, consultants bring a unique set of skills into the office that would be expensive to hire a full-time employee. All of these opportunities are why hiring a consultant could help take your business to the next level. 

At Oggi, we only work with individuals with a proven track record of success and the soft skills to fit into your company culture. If you’re considering hiring a consultant or would like to find out more information on Oggi’s consultants, contact us at We have high-quality Twin Cities-based consultants ready to impress.