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Bobble Talk Recap: Resume Don’ts

From crazy font styles to silly email addresses, we have seen it all. Many professionals will inform you on what you need to include in your resume, but what they forget to tell you is what you DON’T want to include. Oggi consulting pros, Kyle Langseth and Scott Sterling, share with us several important resume “don’ts” in last week’s episode, Bobble Talk: Resume Don’ts.

Breaking it down, resumes are condensed versions of your skills, experiences, and previous education background. Don’t let a poorly constructed resume ruin your future job opportunities. Scott reveals some of the resume no-no’s he has experienced throughout his career:

“Some of the don’ts on your resume are…don’t list what your objectives are for getting a job. Nobody cares! I saw a resume on ledger paper once. What year are we in, 1967? Don’t, don’t, DON’T use your picture on a resume. We’re not in Europe. I’ve also seen a phone number with no dashes or dots. It looked like a prison number.”

You may be an exact fit for the job you want, but if your resume has one typo or mistake, it can easily end up in the no-pile. Hiring managers like ourselves go through hundreds of resumes, make sure yours is not poorly formatted! Kyle shares a few resume don’ts that he has come across as a consultant:

“Don’t put your birthday on a resume…you’re not supposed to do that. Don’t put your social security number on your resume either. I’ve seen that before, stay away from that!”

If you want to land a professional job, you need to understand the do’s and don’ts of the job search process. It all starts with a resume!

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