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Bobble Talk Recap: Outside Your Comfort Zone

Pushing the boundaries of your comfort zone may take some time and courage, but in order for you to succeed in your career, you need to allow yourself be open to larger opportunities. By pushing yourself, you will gain more credibility, gain experience and confidence, and open many doors for your future.

Business Development Managers, Jon Krauth and Christen Olson, share their thoughts on how ditching your comfort zone will boost you in your career. Jon states how important it is to reach out to the right professionals, even if it seems scary:

“Accounting finance professionals usually aren’t usually the best at networking. The biggest thing is just to introduce yourself; people want to help. I promise you! It doesn’t feel like it maybe, but the ones that do want to help are the A’s. You want to attach yourself to A’s. Just introduce yourself, tell them where you’re at in your career, or maybe what you like. You’ll find some commonalities. I promise you they’re just like you, you just have to open your mouth. Everything is great right outside of your comfort zone, I promise you it will be fine. You just gotta do it!”

Even when you think you’re comfortable with where you are in life, there’s always a reason to challenge yourself to be better. This can be within your current job or whether you’re looking for a new one. Christen highlights how crucial confidence is when meeting new people:

“Be confident. Your posture tells a lot about who you are and your handshake. Go in, be confident knowing you’re probably out of your comfort zone and introducing yourself to a complete stranger, but I think you should approach it with confidence and it will help the conversation.

By forcing yourself to get out of your comfort zone, you’ll find new interests and might inspire yourself to become a better version of yourself. The only thing holding you back is you!

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