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Bobble Talk Recap: Making a Good Impression

Congrats, you got the interview! Now, it’s time to prepare in order to make a good impression. And by good impression we don’t just mean the well thought out answers you give, but the whole package! From the moment you enter an interview to the final handshake, the hiring managers are noting your demeanor.

Oggi Pros, Nate Exsted and Becky Studt explain how there’s much more to the hiring process than just answering the questions correctly in last week’s episode Bobble Talk: Making a Good Impression. Nate starts off with three good tips to think about for your next interview:

“For making a good impression, I think three tips I would give any candidate is to be authentic, make sure you come prepared for an interview, and also make sure you’re crisp.”

Becky also shares her consulting advice towards the importance of being confident:

“Kind of going along with the crisp…we understand that maybe not everybody has the suit but if you look good, it looks like you took some time. But again, just be aware of making sure that your hand is visible when you go in for that handshake.”

Body language can just be as important as anything you say during an interview. The handshake is one thing you want to nail. Nate explains his experience with past interviews as a consultant:“We’ve had limp handshakes and the reality is you don’t want to make it limp! Make sure you go in there and be firm with the handshake.”

Practice confident body language such as sitting or standing tall. The key to confidence during an interview is coming fully prepared, fully engaged, connecting with your interviewer, and asking questions. Becky states her favorite form of confidence in an interview:

“A good firm handshake is really what I like…and a smile definitely!”

Come prepared, be confident and lastly, have fun! After all, employers do want to get to know your personality to see how greatly you would fit in the environment.

In case you missed last week’s episode, Bobble Talk: Making a Good Impression, click here to watch: