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Bobble Talk Recap: Gaining Experience

Landing your dream job won’t happen overnight. Most experts will inform you that it is important to specifically outline each step in your road map in order to land that ideal job, but one thing they forget is to be open for change. Oggi Business Development Managers, Christen Olson and Jon Krauth, provide you with realistic and crucial career advice in last week’s Bobble Talk: Gaining Experience.

It sounds difficult and may be hard to take in, but using every single job you have as a stepping stone is a smart way to fully take advantage of your career goals and expanding your skillset. It also can open up interests you may not even know about yourself. Christen shares her experience of how she let herself be open to new positions along the way to lead her to where she is now:

“Don’t be afraid to change, whether that’s moving companies or whether that’s moving within the company. I’ve had commercial finance experience and I went into audit. It was a great experience to learn something completely different and now I’m here! So be comfortable spreading your wings a little bit and challenging yourself and making a change.”

The reality is, you’re not going to like every single job you have during your career but it builds you to where you need and want to be. It’s important to stay positive and optimistic during each position so you can learn everything you can from the experience. This is especially difficult nowadays for younger professionals because they seek high paid dream jobs right out of college. Jon explains how experience is so important and that slowly working your way up will help your career kick off:

“You gotta take risks. The biggest thing we’re seeing right now with millennials in particular, is that they’re wanting to start out at a high level and really, you have to take those stepping stones. You basically have to walk up the stairs to the role you want. You aren’t all of a sudden going to get put there.”

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