Bobble Talk
Bobble Talk Recap: Finding a Fit

Last week’s episode, Bobble Talk: Finding a Fit with Kyle Langseth and Scott Sterling was jam-packed with career advice. Both of these Oggi Pros are on Oggi’s consulting team and are highly skilled when it comes to helping individuals find the perfect match not only for the right job, but also for the right workplace environment. When you are searching for a job, you need to consider more than just the position itself. It’s important to investigate everything including your interests and company culture. Even in tough and competitive job markets, the jobs are still out there. It may take a little more work, but in order to find the right professional fit, you always need to dig a little deeper. So how do you find the right job? Scott explains the importance of why you need to fit more than just the job skill requirements:

“Anyone can read a resume and make sure that someone is a fit for a job, but very few people can look to the people dynamics and ensure that they are a fit for the organization. When you have the combination of the required skills and people dynamics, that’s how success is determined.”

The goal is to secure a position that fits nicely with your personality and lifestyle. For many people the most important component of a job is the company culture. When a new position is a perfect match, you’ll know it because it will mesh with both your personal and professional goals. Kyle breaks down how it’s important to find the right fit for both the consultant and the client:

“I try to get a good understanding of where they best succeed and how they best operate. If they’re more of a shy person, I’m not going to put them in an environment that’s really loud and a high-stress atmosphere. I try to put them in a place where they can have their own area, where they’re a little more to themselves, and can work at their own pace. We try to get a good read on their personality in order to find their fit and where they’re going to thrive best at.”

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