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Bobble Talk Recap: Executive Search

Oggi Executive Search is a division of Oggi Professional Services with an emphasis on identifying talent ranging from the C-suite to key contributor roles.

Brad Gilbertson and Rob Wegscheid discuss Oggi Search in last week’s episode, Bobble Talk: Executive Search. Rob shares why he enjoys being part of the Executive Search team:

“What I like best about executive search is that we’re making a major impact with companies because we’re finding that top 5-10% of their organization. So, that’s a great reason why I enjoy the C-level Suite and Executive Search.”

The Oggi Executive Search Team utilizes decades of industry expertise and networking to attract top talent. Brad and Rob emphasize the importance of extensive networking:

“Success is not about making a placement. Success is when you get a phone call a year later saying that, “you got it right, you hit the nail on the head, and we want to use you again and again and again!”’

“Trust is imperative and paramount in the executive side of the world. You have to have that at the beginning and end because as Brad mentioned, it’s all about that piece and building re-occurring relationships for the long haul.”

“Building relationships is everything. It’s about building the trust, building the respect, and repeat business opportunities, especially important for executive search.”

Oggi aims to become an extension of your HR, talent acquisition, and marketing department to “forklift” your hiring needs.

In case you missed last week’s episode, Bobble Talk: Executive Search, click here to watch: