Bobble Talk
Bobble Talk Recap: Advice for Young Professionals

Sit down with recruiting experts, Nick Hinds and Daren Miller, to learn more about our new video series, Bobble Talk. These webisodes offer recruiting advice directly from our Oggi Pros and provide a sneak peek of our individual roles and experience.

Last week, Nick and Daren focused on the importance of networking for young professionals and how it assists with a job search, fulfilling career goals, and learning more about a career field. Networking isn’t strictly about just finding a job, it’s about making connections with people. Daren relates it in a very understandable way for young professionals by comparing it with dating and marriage:

“There are opportunities right in front of you, and I’m not just talking about a job, I’m talking about making connections with people. My piece of advice is after you have some experience, be open to going on a few dates before you decide who you are going to get married to. You’re young, you know what you know, and you don’t know what you don’t know. By meeting people, talking with them, and understanding their paths, you will get a better idea in terms of what you’re looking for in your next step.”

Having a well-established network can set the tone for your career path. Build relationships with people that will benefit you professionally, whether you know them or not. Network with people at your company, in your job field, and even outside of your desired field of interest because you never know when you might make the right connection. Nick offers a piece of advice for those in the job search process:

“Every conversation can become an interview. You never know when you’re going to make the right impression on the right person that sets your next career step.”

If haven’t had the chance to check out last week’s Bobble Talk: Advice for Young Professionals, click here to watch:

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