Bobble Talk
Bobble Talk: Oggi vs. The Web

Whether you are looking for a new job, need a position change, or are re-entering the workforce, the excitement of a new job can repeatedly get pushed back due to the long process of job searching online. Do you really want to get 15+ emails a day from job board sites that give you positions you don’t even qualify for? To make the process easier, reach out to the Oggi Pros. Our recruiting experts will work with you and understand every desired position and work environment detail you are looking for.

Oggi consulting experts, Kyle Langseth and Scott Sterling, explain how Oggi not only speeds up the job search process, but also finds your perfect fit in last week’s episode Bobble Talk: Oggi vs. The Web. Scott shares his thought on the job search process:

“Navigating the job search is difficult, whether you’re looking for a direct hire job or a consulting opportunity. Navigating the waters out there can be difficult.”

Kyle describes the benefits of Oggi and how they find your job fit through getting to know you:

“A lot of the times they will be applying via job boards whether it’s Indeed or LinkedIn. Their resume is going into the pool of sometimes 2, 3, even 400 applications. So one of the great things about Oggi is that we have that insight into the clients but we’re always working on your behalf to sell you to our clients. So, that’s why we take our time to get to know you as a consultant or a candidate so we know what your skills are and what environment you’re going to fit best in. That way we can go to the client and we can sell your background to them and make sure that they understand why you’d be a great fit for the role, rather than just taking 3-5 seconds on a resume.”

What makes Oggi different than any other job recruiting firm, is that we are PASSIONATE about making career connections. Oggi Pros are committed to getting results for clients and candidates so that each finds their perfect fit.

If haven’t had the chance to check out last week’s Bobble Talk: Oggi vs. The Web, click here to watch: