18 hilarious busy season tweets

February 22, 2018

It's that time of year again....BUSY SEASON. These accountants are keeping it light with some busy season humor on Twitter. 

1.   Well my GPS thinks my “home” is the location of my work.... #busyseason

2.   “How’s the weather outside?” -a co-worker asking the caterer bringing in dinner #wewouldnotknow #busyseason

3.   "The Foo Fighters. They are fighting foo" - things my boss randomly yells out at work #BusySeason 

4.   My entire photo collection on my phone consists of dinner receipts. #busyseason

5.   I had a dream that I was waking up from accidentally dozing off at my desk at work... wut? #TaxAccountantLife #BusySeason 

6.   It’s busy season so I didn’t have time to buy you any chocolates but I hope you enjoy this vending machine candy bar. #busyseason #valentinesday 

7.   My team has 'hammertime' bursts where we work with no interruptions. Anyone who breaks it has to sing the first 3 lines of the MC Hammer song #busyseason 

8.   My goal for the week: get my mandatory overtime hours before Saturday so I can have the whole weekend to myself. #busyseason #audit #Accounting

9.   I could really use a maternity leave right now #BusySeason #Accountants

10.   Next week am starting work earlier and finishing later #BusySeason 

11.   My favorite part about printing 200+ page tax returns is how warm they are fresh off the printer #BusySeason

12.   If anyone needs me for the next month, I'll be working my life away. #BusySeason

13.   It's okay. I can do this. No need to panic.
        *closes Excel*
        *turns computer off*
        *sets computer on fire*
        *runs away* #BusySeason

14.   If you are working on a #SaturdayMorning you are probably a CPA #BusySeason 

15.   Happy Groundhog Day! Are you sad about Punxsutawney Phil's prediction of 6 more weeks of winter? Tax accountants know just how you feel. #GroundhogDay #tax #busyseason

16.   Sunday is the only rest day I have for the week! #busyseason #CPApamore 

17.   It’s a ‘multiple shots of espresso’ kind of morning #busyseason 

18.   Reflecting back on the fact that my "break" from auditing was doing my taxes. #smh #nerdalert #busyseason

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