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We all know that hard work, a positive attitude, motivation, and willingness to contribute are great ways to excel in your career – but what some people don’t understand is that there are a handful of office and interview taboos that can have a detrimental impact on your workplace success. Read on to discover some of the top potentially career-damaging workplace and interview no-nos that you should avoid.

1. Be on-time

It’s disrespectful to show up late to an interview, meeting, or scheduled event. It not only impacts workflow and efficiency in the office, but it also tarnishes respect and trust among colleagues and future employers. Your arrival for an interview creates your first impression; make it count and don’t be late!

2. Dress appropriately

There may be confusion as to the current definition of “business casual,” but if you have to question it, it’s usually better to dress up than down. Even if the standard at the company is casual, it doesn’t hurt to be put together. You want to look polished, not sloppy.

3. Clean up your resume

There are several small tweaks you should make to your resume to look more professional, especially with our current competitive job market.  A simple grammatical mistake can push you out of consideration. Lastly, use readable fonts and don’t overwhelm your future employer with big blocks of meaningless text.

4. Remove negativity

There is no time for workplace negativity, whether it be during an interview or at your current job. Don’t talk endlessly about the things you can’t do or the skills you don’t have. A future employer will note that as an immediate red flag. Stay positive about your current or former employers and co-workers – focus on solutions, not problems. Airing your grievances to everyone just results in a culture of negativity. Be positive and have a good attitude!

5. Watch your language

Always be careful about your choice of language in the workplace. You never know what words or phrases might offend a co-worker or boss. As today’s social climate becomes more nuanced and inclusive, it’s important to remember that language is evolving. Would you use a certain word or phrase around your grandmother? If not, avoid it professionally as well. When sending an email, make sure it is professional, work related and grammatically correct.  Sending unnecessary emails to colleagues or future employers reflects negatively on your performance.

6. Keep yourself and your space neat and tidy

As outlined above, just as being well-groomed is very important,  the same holds true for your workspace. If you’re showing up to an interview or meeting clients, present yourself in a way that is clean and professional. If you’re at your desk or in the office kitchen, clean up after yourself and make sure your work area isn’t distracting other co-workers.


There are a number of small and annoying habits that can ultimately cause conflict for you in the workplace if left unchecked. Poor office and interview habits can be prevented by a commitment to going above and beyond what is expected from your future or current employer.  If you’ve mastered these rules and are currently seeking employment, turn to the experts at Oggi. You could say we’re accounting, finance, and sales recruiters, but really we’re so much more. Take a look at our list of current opportunities, and let us help you find the career to be passionate about!

Note: This article uses information adapted from an original article by Andrew G. Rosen for A link to this article may be accessed here for more detail.