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Saturate Your LinkedIn Profile: Experience

As prefaced in our previous blog; Saturate Your LinkedIn Profile: Skills and Endorsements to be “discovered online” by a hiring manager or a recruiter, it’s all about that SEO (search engine optimization). In layman’s terms keyword search ability. Beefing up your experience section allows recruiters and hiring managers to search for you – and more importantly find you – based on keywords.

The key to keywords

Do some research of job postings in your industry to get a feel for what the desired qualifications are for the role you want. (Click here to see our Current Opportunities) This research will help you determine what keywords you should use on your profile. Use words that are relevant to your area of expertise and highlight your professional experience.

Three keyword categories you should cover in your copy.

  1. Technical skills – Typically employers are looking for someone with specific software experience. So it is absolutely critical to include software platforms you are proficient in in your copy. A few that we are asked about regularly are Hyperion, SAP, QuickBooks and MS Excel.
  2. Quantify processes/tasks – Most bullet points on resumes are a list of the daily tasks associated with the role – General Ledger, Financial Reporting, Consolidations, Accounting to Reporting, SEC Reporting etc. To stand out you need to take your bullets to the next level by quantifying, tell a measurable story (see example below).
  3. Industry buzz words – This would include certifications/licenses like Certified Public Accountant (CPA) or Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) and other miscellaneous accounting & finance buzz words like general ledger, spreadsheets, GAAP, A/P, A/R and value-added analysis to name a few.

Use verbs that pack punch




are just a few examples of verbs that are so overused that they’ve become stale. The Daily Muse has a great list of verbs that will “make your resume awesome”. Check it out: 185 Powerful Verbs That Will Make Your Resume Awesome

Be concise

I recently read a Forbes article, Three Marketing Tips To Make Your Resume Stand Out and the first tip was “Avoid Copy Vomit” – it made me laugh because it’s so true. Reading resumes can be quite monotonous and boring. And nothing is worse than reading a looooong boring document. Reduce the amount of copy by eliminating useless information such as experience no longer relevant to your industry or the job(s) you are applying for.

Use keywords, be concise, and quantify your work but also…

  1. Write in first person. YOU want your profile to speak directly to recruiters and hiring managers and there is going to be a disconnect with third person narrative. Also, to many people third-person narrative can come off as pompous and obnoxious. I’ll admit it, Kelly doesn’t like it.
  2. Add video, images, documents, presentations. Most people don’t add these to their profiles so these “extras” will definitely make your profile stand out among the rest.
    Example: At a previous employer I had the opportunity to revamp the employee reward program. I won’t bore you with details about all the improvements that were made but I will say that the overhaul of the program was a huge success. So much so that the VP of HR took the time to write a memo for my personnel file. She gave me a copy and I added it to my profile.
  3. Add relevant media links.
  • Were you quoted in an industry-related article?
  • Did you write an industry-related blog?
  • Were you featured in the company newsletter?
  • Did you receive an award?

Lastly but not leastly

I often rap with my Oggi Pros about an upcoming blog to get their thoughts. During my research for this blog, one thing that repeatedly came up was – if you are waiting to be discovered, it may never happen. No matter how many keywords you have flooded your profile with. It’s true. LinkedIn is a tool. It’s a great tool but it’s only one piece of the professional puzzle. Whether you are utilizing LinkedIn to network or to advance in your career the best way to get discovered is to reach out to someone directly via phone, email, snail mail – whatever. For confidential consideration for a new role call an Oggi Pro today at 612-333-6444.

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