Advice For Job Seekers
How to Write the Perfect Job Description

There’s no magic formula for writing a job description, but there are basic guidelines that will take your job descriptions to the next level so you find next level candidates. After all, you don’t need more candidates, you just need the right ones. Here are a few tips to follow when composing the next job description for your company. 

Step 1: Know your Needs

Your job description should reflect your hiring needs; are you looking to fill a low-level position immediately? If so, you won’t need to spend a lot of time on your job description since you’re looking to find active candidates that move quickly. Or do you need a senior manager to take your company to the next level? That’s a different situation entirely. 

Step 2: Be Brief 

When it comes to writing job descriptions, less is more. Job descriptions with less than 150 words had 17.8% more applications than those with over 450 words. Shorter descriptions are better for mobile applications and researchers found that that 53% of eighteen to twenty-nine-year-olds used their smartphones while job-hunting. Most companies haven’t adapted to this trend and write their descriptions for web browsers. If you optimize your description for a smartphone, you’re already placing yourself ahead of the competition. Use tools like Job Grader to audit your posting for length, SEO keywords, and gender balance to ensure it’s ready for smartphone applying job applicants. 

Step 3: Structure Well 

Write a job description you’d want to read if you were a candidate looking for a position. Include all the necessary information like salary, location, responsibilities, and requirements right at the top of the job description. 

What comes next? If candidates know these essential facts about salary and location, they’ll decide whether or not they want to keep reading your description or looking into the company. If you get their attention with the right information, they’ll want to know more about the role and your company.

Step 4: Tell a Story 

After you give your candidate the necessary information, write a little about your company’s culture. The best job descriptions uncover the unique company culture and brand. Candidates want to know about your company’s culture; they roughly 30% of their time browsing job descriptions that shed some light on the company’s personality. If you want to take your job description to the next level include the following in your posting: 

  • Company culture
  • Benefits like a 401k or health insurance
  • Company goals and expectations 
  • Fun office perks 

Applying for a new job is a big life decision and people want to know how they’ll be spending their weeks. If you spend the time outlining your company’s culture it will be easier to attract candidates who are not only qualified, but also a good fit. 

Need More Help? 

Take your time to write a great job description that gives an understanding of the hiring need, an overview of the company culture, and optimized for smartphones and you’ll have great applicants in no time. If you’re on the hunt for a new candidate, then Oggi Pro Recruiters in Minnesota a great place to start. Visit our website or call us at 612-333-OGGI (6444) to learn more.