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Eliminate Doubts, Explore a Career in Consulting

Have you considered exploring a career in consulting? Oggi tackles your hardest questions to help you determine if a career in consulting is right for you! 

At Oggi Professional Services, we work with accounting and finance professionals on a daily basis at all stages of their careers. We speak with happily employed professionals, those who are not-so-happily employed, and unemployed professionals. Everyone is different. They have different career goals, comfort levels, and expectations of work/life balance. Even as ‘accountants’, our needs, wants and aspirations drastically differ from person to person.

Since founded in 2010, we have spoken with too many accountants and financial analysts who felt ‘stuck’. They were unhappy working routine jobs in accounting and finance feeling limited by the 9 to 5 life, but were nervous about exploring other opportunities and the negative impact it could have on  their resume. Not to mention losing benefits, any chance of an early retirement and failing to bring home the bacon. If this is you… have you considered exploring a career in consulting?

Developing a career in consulting can be liberating and financially rewarding. In the earlier H2Oggi blog, Everything is awesome…when you are a consultant, we explored the benefits of becoming a consultant. Some of the best reasons to become a consultant include leaving corporate office politics behind, having control over your schedule, and compensation.

In this article, our team at Oggi explores the benefits of becoming a career consultant to further help you assess whether an accounting or finance consulting career is right for you. And what better way to do so than by answering the hardest questions we receive regarding your doubts.

Q: I thought consulting is simply interim work for professionals who cannot find a job. How is this considered a career?

A: Although consulting work can be a great foot in the door and next step for those working towards finding their next career opportunity, we work with hundreds of tenured accounting and finance experts who have established a reputation for excellence within the Minneapolis market and have made a career in consulting. Oggi consultants work on a project-by-project basis filling a company’s specific technical needs or assist with sudden departures in an interim manner. Each project or interim engagement is different which enables our consultants to continuously augment their skill set with new technical proficiencies and experiences. Don’t believe us? Here’s a quote from one of our tenured Oggi Consultants, Mike Molitor.

“The strengths that many in the accounting profession bring comes in the form
of consistently executing the month-end, quarter-end, and year-end processes.
However, there is also a need to build new processes, or enhance existing processes.
This requires different strengths that involve looking at situations with a new
perspective. As a new direct hire employee, you certainly can introduce a new
perspective, but that new perspective becomes the norm over time. As a consultant,
you have the ability to introduce new perspectives as a continual part of your career.”

Q: If consulting is not for me, will my experience as a consultant negatively affect how employers perceive my resume?

A: No – if handled appropriately. One of the benefits of working with a professional consulting firm as opposed to freelance contracting is that we prepare you for each consulting engagement. We thoroughly review each potential consultant’s background and prepare you for the upcoming role. We are there for you and communicate with you each step of the way. If you are truly unhappy, we will work with our network of Minneapolis employers to assist you with reentering the workforce. Not only do you have the option to reenter the workforce, more and more hiring managers and executives have begun to favor professionals with consulting experiences as a result of the diverse skill sets they obtain while working these engagements.

Q: How will I support my family in between projects?

A: Although we would love to say that we will always have a project for you, this is not always true. We work hard to ensure we keep you on project but sometimes lapses can occur. Generally, compensation accounts for potential down periods following a project. It is both our responsibility and the responsibility of our consultants to be aware of project end dates and be proactive when searching for your next contract opportunity.

Q: I heard contracted consultants do not receive benefits. Is this true?

A: Not true at all. One of the great advantages of working with Oggi to advance your career in consulting is the potential to earn benefits. After working a set number of hours, you are automatically eligible for a variety of benefits including healthcare, vision, dental, and more! Each firm has different requirements for benefits. However, not all staffing firms are the same so you should have a conversation with your recruiting partner to discuss your options.

Q: How does this impact career advancement? I don’t want to be stuck at the same point in my career forever.  

A: One of the greatest benefits of becoming a consultant is the opportunity to continuously develop your resume and network yourself. Each company’s environment, processes, and technical systems differ. Working as a consultant presents more opportunities to learn new financial systems and technical accounting and finance skills.

In addition to developing your resume, you have a great opportunity to network yourself with like-minded professionals across many organizations as opposed to just one. Take a moment to consider how Big 4 accountants develop their network. They develop a large network as a result of the work they do with their peers and their clients. Career consultants develop this same network.

So we’ve outlined the benefits of becoming a consultant and answered any doubts. What’s holding you back? If you have considered becoming an accounting or finance consultant, reach out to Oggi Professional Services to speak with one of our team members.