Advice For Job Seekers
Creating a Standout Resume

Right now, many professionals are searching for a new position or considering relocation as part of the next step in their careers. Before ever meeting your next potential employer, you will need your resume to make a great introduction on your behalf. Writing a better resume will help you attract the companies you match with, and as industry leaders, we can boost your likelihood of landing an interview by giving you the inside scoop on resume writing. Here are our tips for crafting an excellent resume:

1. Keep It Short

You don’t need to squeeze all your experience into a single page, but you should keep your resume concise. We recommend limiting yourself to two pages while structuring your resume. Instead of including all your credentials, experience, or training, simplify and condense your story; favor bullet points instead of paragraphs and focus on relevant achievements instead of job description. Any candidate can fill in a job description with their duties and responsibilities, but a notable candidate shows how they positively impacted a company in their role.

If you are a “seasoned” candidate with extensive experience, create a section on your resume labeled “Prior Experience.” Summarize your experience with bullet points or a single paragraph without dates. This way, you’re communicating your earlier experience but not quantifying it; saving you space and possible age discrimination. After this section, write out the last fifteen years of your experience as usual.

2. Include Relevant Keywords

If your resume is in pretty good shape, you can elevate it by finding keywords in the job description and pepper them throughout your resume. Study the job description you’re applying to and incorporate all the keywords that apply to your experience and skill set.

In the job description, look at the section headers “Qualifications” or “Requirements” and add the keywords into your resume in your “Skills” or “Experience” sections. For example, if you’re applying for a Tax Manager position, the employer will likely include keywords like “managing”, “high-pressure”, “multiple deadlines”, and “CPA” in the description. If you can weave these keywords into your resume, you’ll set yourself apart from the other candidates.

3. Focus On You Achievements

The bottom line is that hiring managers, recruiters, and companies value candidates that fix problems and find solutions. How can you show that you fix problems and find solutions?

Beyond simply listing your achievements, explain how your achievements helped the company. If you take the time to list relevant achievements and their impact on the companies you worked with, your resume could avoid the trashcan by providing context and proving your value.

Work With Oggi On Landing Your Next Position

By crafting an excellent resume, you’ll be able to apply to jobs with confidence and land the interview. Writing a better resume will help you attract companies, but working with an experienced recruiter can boost your likelihood of landing that desired position. If you’re job-searching or preparing for an interview, consider working with us.

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