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Best Practices for Remote Networking

You’re working from home, wondering if and how you should be networking. Now is a great time to make connections on LinkedIn, update your resume, attend some webinars, and look through your LinkedIn connections. Are your old bosses, coworkers, and friends part of your network? If not, what better time to reconnect while everyone else is at home too? Here are some great ways you can do that: 

Connect on LinkedIn

If you aren’t on LinkedIn already, you should make a profile and join; it’s a great way to expand your reach, find useful content, explore new opportunities, or recruit talent. Before you start connecting, make sure your profile is up-to-date with a headshot, relevant career information, and a custom LinkedIn profile URL.

Once your profile is up-to-date and you’re ready to connect, remember: quality over quantity. Instead of sending out hundreds of generic invitations to connect, take the time to craft personal messages that are specific to the person you’re trying to reach. 

After you’ve built your network, remain active by liking, sharing, or writing blog topics to maintain your current connections, and make new ones. Write meaningful recommendations and endorsements for your connections; this will help boost your profile and increase your chances of getting a recommendation. 

If you’re looking for like-minded professionals and more resources, there are plenty of networking groups on LinkedIn, like the Tax Professionals and Global Information Technology Professionals Association. These groups encourage communication, problem-solving, and networking expansion online. If you want to maximize your network, LinkedIn is the place to start. 

Reconnect with Your Alma Mater 

You likely spent thousands of dollars on your education, so why not maximize your return by utilizing their networking resources? If you have not already, connect with alumni from your beloved alma mater on Facebook, LinkedIn, or through your Alumni Association. Your common experience is a perfect — and proven —  building block for relationship building, both professionally and personally. Commit to staying connected with valued connections through emails, notes, phone calls, and cards; don’t be that person who only reaches out when they want something. 

Another great way to network is by mentoring current students from your alma mater. Connect with your alma mater’s career services: chances are, they’re probably searching for professionals to mentor and guide current students and would love your help. Remember, networking isn’t just about expanding your own resources, but also expanding the resources of others. By mentoring and interviewing current students, you’re helping them begin their professional journey. 

Network with Oggi 

While we’re at home, it’s a great time to reflect on our professional goals, expand our networks, and make meaningful connections. If you’re on the hunt for a new opportunity, or in search of other insight on remote management and productivity, visit our website or call us at 612-333-OGGI (6444) to learn more.