Advice For Job Seekers
3 Great Interview Tips

Job interviews. They scare us, they intimidate us, and they fill us with anxiety and doubt. While qualifications play a major role, your demeanor and conduct during a job interview, as well as the impression formed during and afterward, can make or break your chances of employment. Here are three great interview tips that will help you leave a lasting (and positive) first impression:

1. Be confident

Stay positive, and remember to smile!  Studies show that people who smile are trusted more and received in higher regard. While you smile, always act and speak professionally by addressing your interviewer(s) with the appropriate title(s), such as “Mr.,” Ms.,” Dr.,” etc.  Lastly, be honest and transparent–your interviewer wants to get the know the real you, so take the opportunity to make a real-life connection.

2. Be on time

Punctuality is one of the most basic and immediate ways to communicate to a potential employer that you’re serious and passionate about a position. Wake up early and arrive early. After all, one of the oldest maxims in the business is: “to be early is to be on-time, to be on-time is to be late, to be late is unacceptable.” Arriving five minutes early gives you time to prepare and get a feel for the office space and culture.

3. Be prepared

Do your homework before arriving for an interview. Know the company to the best of your ability, and the essence of the job for which you’re applying. Have extra copies of your resume and a pen and paper to take notes. Even if you don’t end up needing these materials, having them handy shows the employer that you’ll approach a job with the same degree of preparedness.


The best advice is summed up in 3 major points: Be polite, be honest and be prepared.  Follow those three rules and you can’t go wrong. If you’re seeking employment and want an even greater boost to your employability arsenal, turn to the experts at Oggi. You could say we’re accounting, finance and sales recruiters, but really we’re so much more. Take a look at our list of current opportunities, and let us help you find that dream career!