Whether you are on the job market or filling a position, the market is saturated with tools to “help” you. This doesn’t mean the process has gotten any easier. Commercial sites dump resumes and job postings on you, most of which don’t apply. Big recruiting companies try to fit square pegs in round holes, reducing the process to a number game. Oggi and other AAFA affiliates believe in organically matching candidates to their ideal jobs. Here are some reasons to work with an AAFA affiliate near you: 

Recruiter Next Door 

National recruiters often work remotely, trying to fill positions in the midwest from the east coast. Google searches and statistics can’t compete with local knowledge of living and working in the city they recruit for. Oggi and other AAFA affiliates dedicate our time to quality placement through quality local recruiting. Regional talent is the key to unlocking lasting placements. Because recruiters who are familiar with the city are key to finding the perfect match. 

Quality vs. Quantity

Throwing candidates against the wall until one sticks is not a good way to go about recruiting. We live by the golden rule, recruit others as you would want to be recruited. That means that AAFA affiliates take the time to make sure the candidate is right for the posting as well as making sure the company matches the candidate’s expectations. After a thorough vetting and interview process, we make sure only the best matches make their way to the interview. We believe that treating both parties with respect creates lasting connections and a positive experience. 

Coast-to-Coast Recruiting

AAFA has affiliates around the country. With 40+ associated firms across the U.S. and Canada, there is an affiliate near you. Oggi is proud to represent Minneapolis and to uphold the AAFA tradition of honest and open recruiting that focuses on our candidates and clients. With such a large network, it is easy to find a local AAFA affiliated firm that will help you fill your next position. Using recruiters that have lived and worked in the finance and accounting industry in your area, we have the connections and the knowledge to find your company’s perfect placement. 

Work with the Best

Oggi partnered with AAFA because we believe in the same thing they do: Quality recruiting starts with treating your customers, candidates, and employees like you would want to be treated.  We stand behind our process. So when you call us up, or any AAFA affiliate, you won’t get a robot, but a trusted member of our team. We keep a small, dedicated staff that wants to get to know you and find your best possible placement. So, if you are sick of the grind and what to try something different, contact us at 612-333-6444 or at oggipros@oggipro.com. If you are interested in finding an AAFA affiliate near you, visit their website at https://aafa.com/