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Why Executive Search is a Growing Industry

Executive Search, A Growing Industry

People are always looking for jobs, and companies are always looking for someone to find the best candidates. Whether those positions are planned or unplanned, the recruiting business has stayed relatively the same. But, as technology and industries change, so does the job.

Specifically, the way candidates search for jobs, and what jobs are available, are changing. This is especially true for executive search. With an aging population of C-Suite level employees, companies are looking to turn over the reins to a new generation. For firms that can identify these candidates and recruit them, the executive search industry is going nowhere but up.

A New Kind Of Search

A key factor driving the executive search market is many jobs that are sought-after right now didn’t exist five years ago, and if they did, they have changed drastically. It is difficult to find candidates with relevant experience in these new fields for companies using the usual channels to recruit.

With resources beyond what a company could muster, an executive search partner is able to find talent in places that clients either didn’t have the time or resources to look at. This ability to find niche talent that can fill difficult positions is fueling the demand for quality executive search companies.

In With The New

The average age of C-Suite executives is going down as many young candidates have the specialized skills that companies are looking for in leadership or key roles. Companies looking for younger talent to help supplement their workforce have led to a demand in the fluency of existing C-Suite networks and developing ones.

Another trend in the executive search landscape is movement at the top. With the market for experienced leadership heating up, C-Suite executives are more likely to jump to a new position. This presents an interesting opportunity for executive search companies who can simultaneously place a candidate who is leaving as well as their replacement.

Hour By Hour

 Companies have begun leaning towards contractors and part-time help to drive results in lieu of full-time employees, including positions in leadership. With the employment market as mercenary-focused as it is, this creates opportunities in the executive search industry to grow exponentially. Specializing in contracting leadership and key roles has worked so successfully, that it has spurred an entirely new area of the business–helping it grow and expanding the executive search market.

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