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What Steps Are Involved In an Executive Search?

Oggi Executive Search is committed to finding the right fit for your business, and we take our process seriously. Using this seven-step method, we are able to identify top-quality candidates quickly to reduce wait-time on filling leadership and niche roles.


One of the guiding principles at Oggi Executive Search is truly knowing our clients. Our team partners with you to understand your business, short and long-term goals, and how your company functions on a cultural level. Understanding your company will help Oggi locate and attract the perfect fit for the position, as well as your company’s culture.


Oggi Executive Search dives deep, using the stakeholder’s vision as our guiding light. We meet with the key stakeholders to review the position, and dig-deep in order to understand your perspective. From there we customize our search around meeting and exceeding your ideal candidate. We tap into our extensive network to find active and passive candidates that fit the bill. Once we have located a viable candidate, our team meets and evaluates potential talent to educate and qualify that they are a fit for your organization and its goals. Finally, we discuss the top candidates and assist your company in narrowing down the candidate pool.


Together, we review your “top picks” and help you select the right talent for your business. With decades of experience, Oggi can help you look at how candidates will benefit your company in the long run and help you achieve your long-term goals, not just how they fulfill a position now.


After you’ve settled on your top candidates our team moves forward with interviews and in-depth vetting. Once we have vetted the candidate, our team will help organize personal interviews between you and the prospective hire. We are committed to finding a true fit for our clients both professionally and personally so we take the time to ensure they can deliver what’s on their resume.

Pre-Offer/Finalized Offer

When the top candidate is found, our experienced and informed team assists you with making the candidate a final offer. Collecting information on salaries, benefits, and anything else necessary to move ahead with the process. Following a final offer, Oggi guides the candidate through the terms and conditions of the offer, to ensure there’s a smooth onboarding process.


After the offer is finalized, we keep open communication during onboarding and the first few months of the position. We want a partnership, not just a simple placement, and we are committed to making sure that we have found your company the right fit.

Find your Partner

Looking for a partner in the executive search market? Oggi Executive Search has been voted “Best in the Twin Cities” at not only finding competent leaders but also leaders who fit into your company culture. If you have any questions about executive search, C-Suite level recruiting or our company in general, please don’t hesitate to reach out and talk to us at 612-333-OGGI(6444) or visit