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Spring training is for the pros – This means YOU.

Temperatures are warming up and it’s officially spring. Baseball teams, both professional and youth, are beginning to stretch and limber up. The players are going through workouts and practices to reinforce the basics as well as developing and learning new skills. This happens every year after a bit of downtime for self-reflection.

Coaches have been strategizing and developing ways to strengthen each player and as a result make their teams stronger. Changes (trades) have already been made and people are settling in.

Infielders take hundreds of grounders to get their reflexes sharpened. But there’s a larger purpose for all these grounders…the more the fielder sees, the more likely he/she is to be prepared in a game situation to take whatever is thrown at them.

How does this relate to us in the workplace? Do you view your career in the same way?

  • From a technical standpoint, are you sharpening your skills? In baseball, players continuously work on their mechanics to prepare themselves for future events. Do you take time to read business publications and technical journals and/or memoranda to strengthen your knowledge base? A few that immediately come to mind are the Minneapolis/St. Paul Business Journal, Finance & Commerce and
  • From a soft-skills standpoint, are you paying attention to how you manage the team that works for you or learning new skills to better work with upper management? The best and most productive teams in baseball often talk a lot about team dynamics. The more people you work with the more Emotional Intelligence it takes (and self-reflection) to manage these relationships. Have you recently read information or attended a soft-skills seminar? Don’t under estimate this. More employees complain about this than almost any other variable in the workplace.Not sure what your soft-skills are? Uncover your talent with StrengthsFinder 2.0.
  • From a technological standpoint, are you keeping up with the speed of technology? Ok, that’s impossible, but are you paying attention to how you can better utilize technology to do your job. In baseball, players use cutting edge technology to watch their swing plane, bat speed, etc. How can you improve your effectiveness through the use of updated technology?

Have you taken any time recently to perform a self-assessment? If so, what are the results? Did you develop an action plan? What areas would you like to further develop in the coming year? At the end of the season, maybe you’ll have the top team, using the most advanced technology and winning.

Go Twins!