Advice For Employers
Leading a Remote Team

While your team is operating remotely, it’s still possible to maintain productivity and positivity. Even if this is your first time leading a remote team, you can continue expanding your team while you’re apart. Here are three tips for leading your remote team:

1. Prioritize Communication 

Schedule in time for each of your employees to check in with you each day and block it off in their calendars; use this time to listen to their concerns and answer their questions. Simulate this kind of face-to-face interaction every day if you can to provide transparency and connection. Find time for virtual “coffee chats” and “happy hours” more often than normal to keep your team connected and motivated. It might seem unnecessary, but these extra connections will help you and your team come out the other side faster, stronger, and closer. 

 2. Be Adaptable 

Many of your teammates, and perhaps you as well, are homeschooling their children for the first time. Between making sandwiches and helping with math homework, a typical nine-to-five day might not work. To remedy this, create an environment that allows your team freedom and flexibility to get their work done while balancing their other responsibilities of remote work-life. Your team will appreciate your flexibility, now and later. 

3. Believe in Your Team

Every day, your team is overcoming new obstacles. Of course, this is not an excuse for slacking off or missing deadlines, but as a leader, believe in your team, and in their ability to forge ahead during challenges, it makes a difference. As they settle into their “remote flow”, they might initially seem less productive, but as long as they keep putting in effort they’ll quickly catch up to their productivity levels. Don’t sacrifice your team’s productivity, and be patient. 

Leading a remote team brings challenges, but it’s also a unique opportunity for growth. We’re here to help you lead your team, visit our website or call us at 612-333-OGGI (6444) to learn more about Oggi in Minneapolis, Minnesota.