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Expert Tips to Make Remote Meetings More Effective

Especially during the COVID-19 quarantine, remote meetings are crucial in effectively managing office teams. Engaging your team during a meeting can be difficult; it’s even harder when it’s remote, but it’s possible. Here are Oggi’s pro-tips for effective remote meetings.

1. Create an Agenda

To drive interest and promote open communication send out an agenda before the meeting. Include the following information for a thorough agenda:

  • When are we meeting?
  • Why are we meeting?
  • What’s the goal for this meeting?
  • What should the participants prepare beforehand?
  • How long will the meeting last?
  • What’s the log-in information?

If you send your team this information, ideally a day or two in advance, they’ll be better prepared for the process and outcome.

2. No Muting!

One of the easiest and best ways to ensure engagement is to enforce this rule: no muting. Instead of your team wandering around doing dishes, vacuuming, or getting distracted, they’ll be present as they would be in a physical meeting.

3. Get Personal

Remote meetings often feel impersonal, but with the need for personal connections during COVID-19 quarantine, it’s important to find ways to personalize the meetings and connect your team. If you can, try video conferencing on platforms like Skype, GoToMeeting, Google Meet, and Blue Jeans all offer quick solutions. Bridge the gap by screen-sharing so everyone in the meeting can see the same thing, as they would in real life. Change the screen share so anyone can share their screen if they have questions or comments.

4. Share the Floor

In your meeting agenda, assign everybody a talking point. This will keep them engaged since they’ll be anticipating their turn to present. It’s also a great way to connect the team by giving everyone a voice. If everyone has a talking point, keep your remote meeting to five members so it doesn’t go too long. It’s better to have frequent meetings with fewer participants to improve meeting quality and company culture by placing value on each individual. To promote more engagement, have your team help you build the meeting agenda.

5. Keep It Short and Sweet

Even if you’re Simon Sinek, no one wants to sit in a presentation, especially remotely, for hours on end. If you must have a long remote meeting for training, schedule in regular breaks.  Regularly stop for comments or questions if you can. Assign talking points to the whole team so it isn’t just one person presenting the whole time, tediousness is the easiest way to kill engagement, so try to break it up anyway you can.

6. Delegate and Elevate

Beyond talking points, you can also assign each of your teammates a task. For example, rotate your note-taker and time-tracker. Now, you have at least two teammates on your team that will be engaged during the meeting. And after the meeting, make sure you follow-up on assignments, questions, or comments so your plan is put into action, instead of forgotten.

Connect Remotely with Oggi

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