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5 Tips for Working from Home During the Break

Working from Home During the Break.

Here are Oggi’s tips for working from home and staying productive.

1. Eat The Frog

Yes, it will be tempting to press Snooze a few more times. However, it’s crucial to start your day productively while working from home, and early. After you wake up and eat a great breakfast and sip on some coffee, do the task you’re dreading right away. Fueled with the satisfaction and relief of accomplishing the worst task of the day, you’ll feel more motivated to tackle your to-do list.

2. Set A Schedule

Especially if you have children at home, you need a schedule to stay on task and productive. Without meetings, calls, or breakroom chats it’s easy to burn out or lose focus. Create a daily schedule that works for you and your family. If you’re a morning person, plan to make your day top-heavy and schedule your difficult tasks in the morning, save your lower-priority tasks for the afternoon, and vise-versa if you’re a night-owl. Schedule time for lunch-breaks, cuddles, and walks with your kids. 

3. Get Dressed

Instead of wearing pajamas all day, create a mental distinction that you’re working by dressing for your day (it’s okay if you want to keep on your slippers). Have your children get dressed as well to keep chaos at bay and provide them structure.

4. Create A Work Space

You may not be in the office, but you can have your own office. Instead of cozying up on the couch or bed, which should be for your inevitable Netflix bingeing, dedicate a specific room or corner to your work. Let each person in your family have their own work space so everyone can be productive. 

5. Take A Fitness Break

Instead of feeling alone, take a lunch break and call your partner, friend, or co-worker. Take your kids or dog for a walk outside and get some fresh air. Use your extra time to improve your fitness by trying a home workout program. Even while we are all working at home, we shouldn’t forget to connect with each other. 

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