Advice For Employers
5 Tips for Attracting Your Ideal Candidate

The U.S. is experiencing an 18-year low in unemployment. While this is fantastic news for job seekers, hiring in a candidate-driven market requires more work to attract top talent. Oggi’s team of pros is experienced and knows how to find talented candidates instead of letting talent come to them. Here are 5 tricks of the trade the Oggi pros have picked up along the way to help you attract your ideal candidate: 


1.) Know What You’re Looking For


Before doing anything else, sit down with team leaders and find out what your ideal candidate looks like. What are some technical and soft skills that the position requires?  Creating this outline will help later in the process. When sorting through resumes, having a list of qualities you are looking for in a candidate will save you time. 


2.) Write a Killer Job Description


Just like you have to sift through resumes, job seekers have to sift through job postings. If your company doesn’t stand out, odds are your ideal candidate won’t ever see your job posting. Your description needs to jump off the page. Make them feel like they need to apply to your position, and help them understand why your company is a great place to work. Don’t be afraid to break the mold, candidates can always get in touch to ask more questions about technical things. Conveying your company’s culture through your words, and keeping it short enough to not exhaust them, is crucial. 


3.) Plan Ahead


Hiring for an open position means the rest of your employees are picking up the slack. This puts stress on the entire company. Prepare a pool of qualified candidates beforehand reduces the work that your HR team needs to do. It also reduces the amount of time it takes to hire a new employee. This employee pool is curated by collecting resumes of interested candidates in the months leading up to hiring. These resumes, combined with previous applicants who were impressive, create a roster of possible candidates. 


4.) Make it Easy to Apply


Nobody likes exhaustive amounts of paperwork. When you make candidates wade through miles of red tape, you might end up scaring them off. Some candidates see your application process as a reflection of your company culture: if it frustrates them before they even have the job, they figure it won’t be a good fit anyway. Making sure your website is user-friendly is an important part of this. You wouldn’t invite friends over to a dirty home, so don’t invite candidates to a cluttered application process.


5.) Don’t Waste Their Time


Quality candidates are smart enough to know what they are bringing to the table. It is important to do market research and offer a competitive salary to keep ideal applicants interested. Treat them with the respect you would like to be shown, and make sure you are honest with them. Good candidates will repay you the same courtesy.  

Preparation Pays Dividends

Finding your ideal candidate, and enticing them to apply, is hard work. However, instead of having a series of mediocre hires until you find the right match, putting in the work to find someone who will not only excel, but also stick around, is worth the effort. Utilizing temporary hire can also help you trial run candidates. That way, you can see if they actually do fit into the company culture… but that’s a different blog. 

Oggi Professionals has been placing quality candidates in the Twin Cities area for years. We help our client companies attract and hire their ideal candidates. To find out more, contact us at 612-33-6444