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10ish Twitter accounts you should follow TODAY

If you’re not on Twitter, you should be! Twitter is a powerful tool, not only to keep up with the latest celebrity gossip and online tweet battles, but also to provide a quick snapshot of relevant and pertinent business news and updates. Seriously!

So, in this day and age when we are all drinking information from the proverbial firehose, I’d like to share Oggi Pros top 10(ish) twitter accounts to follow if you are an Accounting and/or Finance professional in the Twin Cities:

  1. @OggiPro – obviously the best and most important Twitter account to follow. It is chalk full of original blogs, networking opportunities, and fun quips to get you through year-end close or just a normal work day.
  2. @MSPBJNews – The MSP Biz Journal is the leading resource for most professionals in the Twin Cities who want to stay up to date on happenings.
  3. Big 4: @EYnews, @PwC_LLP, @KPMG_US, & @DeloitteUS, @big4, – The power struggle at the top continues as the Big 4 firms all jockey for position as the Top thought leaders in the industry. They all produce some great information and show their individuality within their space.
  4. Mid-sized CPA Firms: @McGladrey, GrantThorntonUS, @CLAconnect, @EideBaillyLLP – The Big 4 are the often the go-to for Accounting content; however, the mid-sized firms are getting better at publishing thought leadership in the Accounting/Finance space.
  5. @MNCPATweet – The official Twitter feed of the MN Society of CPA’s and their offshoot @MNCPAmediaboth offer pertinent content and advice specific to MN and beyond. These Twitter handles also include original content with interviews and details from MNCPA members.
  6. @BusinessMN (Finance & Commerce) – Covers Minnesota news specific to real estate, construction, economic, development, finance and more. If you are interested in which local companies are moving, expanding, or contracting then this is a great Twitter account to follow.
  7. @AICPA – The official blog of the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants. Follow this account for Accounting news, Institute announcements, and other updates. You’ll find a lot of useful information. Not exactly mind-bending… but useful.
  8. @going_concern – The Twitter handle for one of my favorite accounting-related websites ( If you are looking for useful accounting information served up on an entertaining platform, then you will enjoy their witty news.
  9. @AccountingToday – Has some of the better business news related to the accounting and tax industry. Their tweets include everything from advice on personal tax avoidance (legal) to corporations trying to get away with tax evasion (not legal). They also break down new pronouncements and IRS issues
  10. @PCAOB_News – The official Twitter account of the PCAOB. Needless to say, if you are interested in hearing about new auditing standards or who’s being sanctioned then this is the Twitter feed for you to check out. All sorts of good stuff.
  11. @mspmag – A great Twitter account to follow if you want to stay update to date on all things cool, hip, and trendy in the Twin Cities. Their account bio even says so: “The Best of the Twin Cities. No, really. We got this.”
  12. @mnjobs – While their jobs aren’t specific to Accounting and Finance related jobs, they are still good to follow as they do post industry related jobs. You can also see what companies are hiring and for what types of positions.
  13. Bonus follow: @mnwild – In the spirit of the playoffs… GO WILD!!

Who should we be following? Tweet us your suggestions at @OggiPro with the hashtag #OggiAsks.