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Passionate, knowledgeable and experienced professionals shape our culture. We deliver people solutions that drive results.

You could say we’re accounting and finance recruiters, but really we’re really so much more.
Experience the more.

Our passion has been the fuel for our growth as we continually exceed the needs of our clients. We’re committed to providing staffing solutions for the evolving Twin Cities business community while representing our professionals in a way that best captures their skills and goals.


<òg·gi> adverb

  1. today(al presente, al giorno d’oggitodaynowadaysthese days
  2. Inspired by his time spent working in Italy, Sean chose the name Oggi Professional Services. Oggi (pronounced oh-jee) means today in Italian. It’s through our name that we stay current — with career trends, opportunities and connections.
  3. We are dedicated to maintaining strong relationships today and every day. Today is the day to achieve business success.


Founded in 2010, Sean Keating was passionate not only about people, but aligning professionals in roles that generated a positive impact for everyone. Oggi Professional Services combines the professionalism of a $5 billion organization with the personal care of a “boutique” staffing firm. With a particular focus on long-lasting personal relationships, individualized results and impactful solutions, Oggi builds for success in corporations with similar ideologies. From its humble beginnings in a cleared-out storage closet, Oggi has grown into an established organization in the Twin Cities, recruiting and staffing the finest finance and accounting professionals and executives.

Sean and Tricia Keating
Oggi Pros


The Oggi environment is special—a place where families, puppies, friendships and connections are valued. Whether it be Sean’s Old English Bulldog Mangus, “bring your child to work day” or impromptu and contagious victory dances, Oggi is an atmosphere of respect, acceptance and appreciation. Every member of the growing Oggi network is supported through a deep level of grit, passion, vibe, and stewardship. The Oggi team creates a welcoming and exciting place to establish a career while exceeding goals and client expectations every day. Oggi has been named a Best Place to Work by the Minneapolis/St. Paul Business Journal and a recent winner of Twin Cities Business Magazines Best of Business which recognizes the industry leading companies in the greater Twin Cities area. The continued drive to grow their dedicated, fun, and ambitious culture make Oggi one of the best places to work and grow.


Best Place to Work
Minneapolis/St. Paul Business Journal

Minneapolis St.Paul Business Journal Top Executive Search Firm

Top 25 Metro-Area Executive Search Firms
Minneapolis/St. Paul Business Journal


Best of Business
Twin Cities Business Magazine

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