Kelly Grady

Marketing Manager
Kelly Grady, Oggi Professional Services
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Kelly is our brand innovator, creative director and chief happiness officer all rolled into one big personality. She is well-known for her energy, enthusiasm and infusing creativity in everything she does. With over seven years of marketing experience and a eye for design, she excels at generating creative ideas and taking them from concept to completion efficiently, artistically and always with a smile.

"Kelly's enthusiasm and energy are infectious, but it's her perseverance and hard work that truly make her stand out as an exceptional person and employee." - Colleen D.

When she's not busy being a one-woman marketing wonder, Kelly spends time with her her high school sweetheart-turned-husband and their son, her sisters and her many nieces and nephews - selfie stick in hand. She enjoys a good practical joke and is often cracking herself up with a loud and infectious laugh.



Fun Facts

Free Fallin'
Kelly can cross sky diving off her bucket list. She took a leap at 13,000 feet in 2008.

Power Red
You'll rarely see Kelly out and about without her signature red lipstick.

Favorite Quote
"Don't try to be original - just try to be good." - Paul Rand