Oggi named 2017 Best Place to Work by the MSPBJ

August 02, 2017

On Monday, June 19, the Minneapolis/St. Paul Business Journal (MSPBJ) recognized Oggi Professional Services as a two-time Best Place to Work (BPTW) honoree. Shortly after the announcement MSPBJ featured our new headquarters in a Cool Offices article. "Sean has created a company where people want to be here, and the office is part of it," says Oggi Pro, Daren Miller "He cares about us and the attention to detail and extras in the new office space reflect that.”

The timing of the BPTW announcement and the completion of our cool office, gave us a fortuitous opportunity to highlight one of the many (if I do say so myself) reasons Oggi is THE best place to work. Each Oggi Pro was asked what their favorite location is in the office, here is what they said. (Check out the photo gallery on our Facebook page, new photos will be added daily up until the big event, the MPSBJ Best Places to Work award ceremony on August, 17th.) 

Click here to read more about our cool office, or better yet...COME VISIT! 

1. Nick Hinds Favorite Place: the open office space. Here's why:
"The open office space is my favorite area in the Oggi HQ. As the Chief Intern, being on the sales floor is the greatest opportunity for me to learn. I get to absorb practical job experience from the Oggi Pros around me constantly." 

2. Kelly Grady's Favorite Place: the lobby. Here's why:
“As they say, you never get a second chance to make a good first impression. As such, my favorite place in Oggi’s HQ is the lobby. It welcomes guests with silhouettes of energetic Oggi Pros introducing them to their approachable and professional demeanor. Pops of our signature green reveal the lively culture within.”

3. Tricia Keating's favorite place: the kids room. Here's why:
"The majority of our employees are parents so when we built out our new office space we included a kids room which allows employees the flexibility to be parents and successful professionals in-house." 

4.  Scott Sterling & Rob Wegscheid's favorite place: the foosball table. Here's why:
“The staffing industry is competitive and recruiters naturally strive to win. The addition of the foosball table in our space is a fun perk that keeps our team active, morale high and positively productive.” – Scott

5. Nate Exsted's favorite place: the Oggi Cafe. Here's why: 
"I love the Oggi coffee bar. The warmth it creates in our entry is very welcoming!" – Nate Exsted

6. Daren Miller & Carrie Dolinar's favorite place: the collaboration stations. Here's why:
"The many collaboration stations provide a quiet spot away from the activity of the sales floor. My favorite among them is the station with the black leather club chairs. It's a great space to gather your thoughts and connect-the-dots." – Daren

"The ability to break away from our workspace into one of the many collaboration areas allows me to build a rapport with my teammates and still be available for clients and consultants. Plus, the change of scenery recharges my batteries." – Carrie

7. Sarah Stauffer's favorite place: the closet. Here's why:
"My favorite space in our office is conference room aptly named 'The Closet.' The gallery wall filled with art and historical photographs gives me give me a sense of pride in Oggi’s accomplishments, philanthropic efforts and the opportunity to show off our amazing culture to clients, candidates and friends." 

8. Jon Krauth's favorite place: the patio overlooking the pond. Here's why:
“The back patio overlooks a pond that is home to a variety of local wildlife – turtles, deer, a flock of geese, cranes, turkeys and even a muskrat – reminding us each day, it’s a jungle out there. It’s a scenic little spot, filled with nature and the perfect place to put two and two together.”

9. Tricia Friendshuh's favorite place: the Shout Out wall. Here's why: 
“As the newest Oggi Pro to join the Oggi family, I have found to really appreciate the Shout Out wall. This area dedicated to encourage peer-to-peer recognition and celebrate each other’s successes, says a lot about Oggi’s leadership and culture. Each "shout out" increases collaboration and motivation; it is a daily reminder that we are a team committed to reaching the same goals for our clients, candidates and everyone we represent.” 

10. Derek Schmale's favorite place: the Oggi Pub Here's why: 
"The collaboration area with stocked fridge is obviously a fun perk. It’s a great place to wind the week down, wrap up details and spend time with colleagues on strategy."

11. Becky Studt's favorite place: the patio. Here's why: 
"Having an outdoor space to enjoy lunch is a fantastic perk. It’s a tranquil escape from the office giving us a chance to soak in some sun in a natural setting and just take a deep breath during a busy day.” 

12. Chad Miyamoto's favorite place: the conference rooms. Here's why: 
“Our new office has several conference rooms giving us the flexibility to meet with clients, conduct interviews or brainstorm with colleagues in spaces that are warm and welcoming. The art in each space tells the story about our history, culture and offers insight to our personalities.” 

Check back Thursday, August 17th for our final favorite places.